You Told Me You Wrote 6 Angry Poems About Me

I ask you to write a poem

About the picture I take of the moss-green house

You say the photograph says more about the photographer

Than the subject, I think this is poetic wonder

If you stole the quote

Two awake birches

Two sleepy plum trees

Two drowsy tea trees

One sneaky stair case

One  rapacious vine

You are always saying memorable things

Like how attraction is complex

I say it should be simple and direct

You say that would be depressing

I agree but of course I don’t tell you this. 

Now I walk past the moss-green house

Every day with my dog

Now the flowers are frosted and fallen

And the vines are black as ash

I want to tell you this

I want to tell you that you are right

You are always right

But it takes so long to arrive at this

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