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A poem on Generosity and Dreams in Troubled Times ❤

Intel on the Arresting Query Letter

Anna Quinn’s query letter for “The Night Child” strikes me as particularly evocative. It begins by audaciously sharing chair-toppling praise she was given by a common acquiantance between her and the agent. Then in a slice of paragraph, she delivers the unique value proposition of her story. In other words, she uses words and sentiment as only she is capable to describe the true uniqueness of the story as only she can. Here is an excerpt:

“SPLIT is the story of thirty-eight year old NORA BROWN, an ordinary woman who teaches high-school English and lives a quiet life with her husband and daughter in Seattle. However, when she hallucinates a child’s face hovering over the desks of her students, her past explodes into her present, and she is thrown into a psychological upheaval so raw she lands in a psychiatric hospital and is forced to fight for her daughter, her identity and her equilibrium” — via Writer’s Digest

The writer’s digest article gives laudable and noteworthy query letters, not just from previously famous authors, but also newcomer’s whose zest was catching. See what you can glean from it! ❤ Sara Joy

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