Sara Grimes | Poet | Novelist

      Sara Grimes is a poet and novelist local to Seattle’s Pacific Northwest. She is active cross-pollination of creative projects in the open mic community in Seattle, Washington.   She adopts a lyrical style inspired by her heady dose of music immersion.  She’s been featured in “The Dewdrop Digest,” “Beyond Words Magazine,” and “Kelp Literary Journal.” She is working toward her MFA in Poetry at UC Riverside where she is the co-editor of poetry for The Coachella Review. She is passionate about diversity in education and when she is not writing poetry, she is tutoring immigrants ESL at her local non-profits. 

Publication Credit:

Dewdrop Digest– “Pandemic Stroll” A Poem About Being Introduced to Quarantine

Beyond Words — “Collective Inhale” A Poem About the Anxiety of the Pandemic

The Coachella Review– Review of “Atomizer” by Elizabeth A.I. Powell

The Coachella Review– Review of “Convenient Amnesia” by Donald Vincent